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The STATIM Shelter can be installed in several configurations. The basic configurations are intended to allow the unit to float in the event of extreme flooding or tsunami tides. The units are designed to sustain temporary immersion, and are provided with self righting capabilities in case they are overturned by the event forces. Secure anchoring options ensure that the units remain in the location when they are afloat.

A buried configuration is intended to serve as quick installation storm and tornado shelters, or as strategic emergency supplies depots to aid after the events occur.

STATIM stands for Storm, Tornado And Tsunami Interconnected Modules. In essence, the system is an enclosable hull comprised of a series of pre-cast concrete modules, similar to large diameter drainage pipes.  Once assembled via gasketed joints, and a post-tensioned cables technique, it provides a water-tight environment with positive buoyancy and self-righting capability.

The post-tensioning cables allow for quick installation and imparts an impressive amount of tensile strength to the structure. Ultimately, the use of this technique greatly reduces the need for installation of conventional reinforcement during the casting of the modules. With the use of modern addmixtures in the concrete mix the structure could even become literally flexible.

Our breakthrough approach incorporates many requirements necessary for it to be both implementable in a large scale basis, and capable of delivering the necessary protection.

The STATIM Shelter System is low-cost, low-technology, low-maintenance concept capable of being mass produced "in situ". It is built with widely available materials like concrete and rebar, and can be fabricated and quickly installed by relatively unskilled labor.

Concrete is a high mass and inertia material that enables the STATIM Shelter, and its occupants, to safely resist the initial forces of an event, sudden acceleration shocks, and also to withstanding tides of any height.  After the event the shelters will be  equipped to sustain survivors until the available rescue resources can assist.

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