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Civil Governments

The STATIM Shelter Systems main objective in the civil sector is as a preemptive measure, able to provide the ultimate alternative during a catastrophic event like tsunami or major flooding, and on subsequent days afterwards, until first responders can arrive.

The units can be used to shelter people, supplies, and equipment in any given combination to suit the specific mission or threat requirements.


Industrial applications include hospitality, refineries, chemical manufacturing facilities, hospitals, ports, and many other high risk operations.


As a military tactical system, the STATIM Shelter can be able to provide for a quick-deployment buried scalable structure able to serve as concealed Comm center or barracks, with protection from surface blasts and minimal heat signature. The STATIM Shelter would fill the gap between expeditionary type structures and actual built in-situ hard buildings.

It can also serve as a concealed depot/cache for the storage of food, ammo or supplies in controlled territories where future enemy incursions may occur, and for various continuity of government applications.


The system's cost effectiveness and ease of installation make it an ideal solution for many other applications such as:

Underground tornado shelter
Storm and storm surge shelter
Tow-behind marine cargo pod
Blast shelter
Avalanche shelters

CBRNe Deployable Hardened Shelter

The STATIM CBRN brings a new solution with innovative capabilities for the quick deployment shelter market. The STATIM shelter is design as a solution to fill the gap between lightweight expeditionary shelter offerings (made of fabrics, fiber, polymer or metal), and custom made, built in-situ concrete shelter buildings. In a remarkably cost effective approach, the STATIM is capable of providing radiologic and nuclear radiation shielding levels comparable to conventional fixed in place concrete buildings.

STATIM Genset Pod

The STATIM Genset Pod provides for an extreme event enclosure to protectemergency power generators and water purification gear. One example of anapplication of great value for the Genset Pod is in nuclear plants. One has only to recallthat if such an offering had been available in the Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant duringthe 2001 tsunami, the ensuing nuclear meltdown could have been averted. Themeltdown was a result of the facility losing its generators and battery systems duringthe initial waves of the tsunami event. The meltdown has proven to be a global threat that to this day is still present.

CBRNe Deployable Hardened Shelter

Airport Electronics Shelter

Natural DisasterShelter

Comm Equipment Shelter

Emergency Generator / Water Purification Pod

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