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The basic configurations are intended to allow the unit to float in the event of extreme flooding or tsunami tides. The units are designed to sustain temporary immersion, and are provided with self-righting capabilities in case they are overturned by the event forces. Secure anchoring options ensure that the units remain in the location when they are afloat.

       Total adaptability

The STATIM Shelter system is a highly adaptable concept that can be scaled to many different requirements and mission scopes. Its modular approach allows for a wide variety of payload capacities. Each unit can be easily configured in-situ to match the specific scenario, balancing occupant capacity with emergency supplies depending on the location's accessibility, estimated threat magnitude and available budget.

Being a high-mass floating system, the STATIM Shelters can be able to handle waves and tides of any given height; theoretically up to 100 feet.

Installation of the system is straight forward, requiring only low-tech tools and minimal specialized training. The concrete modules are transported from the regional, or nearest designated pre-cast plant, in conventional low-bed trailers and can be handled by many alternatives of hoisting equipment.

Once the installation surface is prepared, whichever configuration is chosen, the modules are aligned and attached up to the desired length.  The gasketed joints are prepared with sealant and the shell assembly is completed by adjusting the series of post-tensioning cables around the walls of the modules, running from end-cap to end-cap.

After the shell is finished the contractors proceed with the installation of the interior systems and accessories which could include: flooring panels, battery bank, LED lighting, solar panel, belted benches, interior ladder, hatches, ventilation ports, boarding deck and railings, potty and GPS interlink, among other alternatives.

Electro-magnetic Pulse (EMP) protection
Blast resistant hull
Fire rated concrete and insulation
Radiation protection
Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) air filter system

Self-righting and capable of temporary immersion

Regional fabrication and quick installation

Specialized Options

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