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STATIM Genset Pod

Natural disasters and catastrophes have been increasing dramatically both in number and intensity for many years. Damage and casualty numbers have reached record levels every year, during the last decade.  The number of people affected by natural disasters is alarmingly high, estimated in the hundreds of millions.

Our mission is to develop this breakthrough solution in order to provide the ultimate preparedness alternative, bringing peace of mind to the many people living in locations vulnerable to history's most devastating  natural disasters; tsunamis and floods.

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The STATIM Genset Pod is a variant of the technology directed to providing critical infrastructure applications with the most resilient power source ever. The Genset Pod will be capable of enduring even the most extreme natural events.

Applications for this variant include:​
Nuclear energy facilities
• Refineries
• Hospitals
• Coastal resorts
• Military installations​

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The STATIM Shelter System is a ground breaking technology that represents the worlds first mitigation tool against two of the most devastating natural events on the planet's history, Tsunamis and Floods. This highly effective, and cost efficient shelter, is poised to become a historic contribution toward emergency preparedness worldwide.


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